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Lupo Lupoled Panel 560

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Lupo LED Panels (panel lights) are extremely lightweight at just 1.3 kg. They are compact and easy to handle and can be rigged anywhere including on boom stands. They can be battery or mains powered and have a continuously variable colour temperature from 3200k to 5600k.

Looking for more power? Take a look at the Lupo SuperPanel.

Delivery of Lupo LED panels can take up to 2 weeks as we don’t keep a regular stock of this product range.

The cost of shipping this item outside the UK is high and can fluctuate daily, so we therefore ask if you could please contact us first for a quote as there may be additional shipping charges if you place your order online. We will only ever charge you the actual shipping cost.

Shipping to destinations outside mainland UK
All lamps will be fully tested prior to despatch. If, for any reason you need to return a unit, return delivery costs will be at your own expense.

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Product Description

High colour rendering index (CRI > 94)

The most important feature of LED panels is colour rendering. Lupo LED panels have a very high colour rendering, CRI> 94, thus during shooting colours are perfectly balanced and without unpleasant casts (green) typical of less correct lights. Normal LED panels on the market have a very poor colour rendering and the colours get unbalanced, also in different ratios from one another, with casts peak, making impossible the correction in post production.

Lightweight and portable

Lupo LED panels are extremely light (1.3 kg only), compact and easy to handle, ideal to be carried anywhere.

Powered by battery or mains

Lupo panels can be powered via an AC adapter or via an ultra lightweight battery and their consumption is up to 95% less than tungsten sources. With the dedicated extra light battery, LUPOLED panels can be powered for about 3 hours.

0 to 100% dimming control without any variation in colour temperature

Lupo panels are adjustable with accuracy from 0 to 100%. Thanks to the special electronics, the adjustement is designed to work flicker free, always with accurate color temperature.

Very long LED life

Lupo proprietary LEDs are made with high quality materials for extremely long working life. Besides the chips and phosphors, also the epossidic resin of the lens is designed to avoid a rapid degradation, typical of poor quality LEDs. In fact, low performance resins become quickly yellow after some hundreds of hours.

Exceptional reliability

The electronic parts of the Lupo panels are subjected to many quality and operation checks. In addition, they don’t contain electrolytic capacitors which have a negative impact on their life over time, as for the majority of normal LED panels.

Lupo LED panels are ideal for shooting many genres of photography or videography

Thanks to their many advantages (lightness, portability, mains or battery operation, high chromatic accuracy), Lupo Panels are the ideal solution for all types of photographic and video shooting: ceremony, portraiture, fashion, decor and still life.

Lupo LED panels – Comparison Chart

Although the 1120 has twice the LEDs of the 560, ½ of them are 5600K daylight balanced and the other ½ are 3200K tungsten equivalent balanced. So as you fade from one set to the other the power output stays constant and so does the light output level. All that changes is the colour of the light.

Model Comparison
Lupoled 560 Lupoled 560 DMX Lupoled 1120 DMX Dual Colour
LED Type 560 LEDs 560 LEDs 1120 LEDs
LUX at 1 metre 3340 3340 3340
Colour Temp. 5600K or 3200K 5600K or 3200K Variable (5600K to 3200K)
Dimming Control No Yes Yes
DMX Control No Yes Yes
Flicker free Yes Yes Yes
Integrated filter holder Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions 350x260x48mm 350x260x48mm 350x260x48mm
Weight 1.3kg 1.3kg 1.4kg
Power Battery or mains Battery or mains Battery or mains
Power consumption 38W 38W 38W
Light output (equivalent incandescent lamp) 700W 700W 700W
Battery life (Lupo battery) 3 hours 3 hours 3 hours
Battery weight 600g 600g 600g


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