Lupo LED Panel Lights

Extremely lightweight versatile LED panel lights. All Lupo light panels can be powered via an AC adapter or via an ultra lightweight battery and their consumption is up to 95% less than tungsten sources. Available in a range of power outputs and colour temperature options.

The Lupo Superpanel is claimed by the manufacturer to be the most powerful LED panel light on the market producing an impressive luminous intensity level of around 22,000 LUX at 1 metre.

Lupo DayLED Fresnel Spotlights

Daylight-balanced LED lights from Lupo, Italy. Every Lupo DayLED light is supplied with a large glass fresnel lens, focusable flood and spot control, 100% variable dimming control, remote DMX control and removable barn doors. Using LEDs developed exclusively for Lupo with True Colours technology Lupo DayLED lights have a very high CRI value (>94).

Available in a range of power outputs and colour temperature options. Read More.

Lupo SuperPanel Accessories

Extend the capabilities of your LED video light panel with these Lupo SuperPanel accessories.

Removable Barn Doors Set for LED Panel Light
Barn Doors for Lupo SuperPanel Light

4 removable panels to shape your light and prevent light spill.

Lithum-ion Battery powered bi-color panel light by Lupo
SuperPanel Battery Kits

Set your SuperPanel free with a lithium ion v-mount battery, charger, battery adapter plate and D-Tap XLR power cable.

Panel Light Diffuser for Lupo SuperPanel
Soft Light Diffuser for SuperPanel

Softens both the light and shadows produced by the SuperPanel LEDs.

softbox, accessory, superpanel
Softbox for Lupo SuperPanel

This softbox is an ideal accessory to make the light beam soft and completely uniform.

Lupo Lighting Accessories

We also sell a wide range of Lupo lighting accessories designed specifically for Lupo lights. From battery kits to bags we’ve got everything covered.