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In this video Damien Lovegrove explains his three point lighting set up for presenting on video, video interviews and portrait photography. Utilising the bi-colour features and 100% dimming control on the Lupo SuperPanel and Lupo DayLED 650 he is able to create a perfect “natural looking” mix of colour temperatures.

Damien Lovegrove’s Three Point Lighting Set Up

  1. The Background light – Lupo SuperPanel
    Damien used a Lupo SuperPanel dual colour panel light set at 15% light output (dimming control setting) and 4200 kelvin (colour temperature) for his background light. The light is out of shot (far right) and is placed on a standard Lovegrove lighting stand. The light is approximately 6.5 feet high pointing down and across the back of the composition. The background light is carefully positioned in such a way to avoid lighting the subject (Damien).
  2. The Back Light – Lupo DayLED 650
    Damien used a Lupo 650 Fresnel for his backlight, set at 5600 kelvin. This creates a natural looking daylight/moonlight rim light to the subject. The light is rigged on a boom arm (attached to a lighting stand) pointing downwards to the back of Damien’s head. The light is positioned just above the top edge of the screen. The boom arm is also counter balanced on its opposite end for safety.
  3. The Key Light – Lupo SuperPanel
    For the key light, Damien used a second Lupo SuperPanel dual colour LED panel light. The light is set at 20% light output and 4000 kelvin (colour temperature). Again, the light is on a standard lighting stand, set at approx 4.5 feet high. The light is out of shot (far left of screen) directly opposite the subject to the left of camera.

Behind The Scenes

Here’s what the 3 point lighting set up looks like from the opposite position. The background light (far left), the back light (top middle) and the key light (right). To the left of the key light is the camera and a microphone rigged on a microphone stand. Whilst it looks like a lot of light is coming through the diffused curtains, in reality it was a gloomy winter’s afternoon (UK).

3 point lighting set up (before shot) by Damien Lovegrove - Lovegrove.Lighting

3 point lighting set up by Damien Lovegrove - Lovegrove.Lighting

Video Transcript

Damien: This light behind me is from a SuperPanel Dual-Colour (Lupo Panel Light) and it’s at 50% (edit: 15%) and it’s lighting the whole of that background. Now, what I need next is a backlight, the backlight is a Lupo 650. It’s on a boom arm, it’s an LED at 5600 kelvin, it’s a daylight balanced light. My key light is the last one to go in, of course, and that is a (Lupo) SuperPanel Dual Colour. And that’s at 20% (dimming setting), at 4000 kelvin, so we get that lovely mix of lighting colour.

Now, it’s an overcast day outside, it’s very, very dark and I’m working at 200 ISO which is perfect for image quality. This is a perfect 3 lighting set up for doing pieces to camera on video, for video interviews, and of course, for stills portraits.


Have any questions regarding Lupo SuperPanels or Lupo DayLED lights? Then please do get in touch or leave a comment below. More information about the lights used in this set up can be found using the links below.

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