Lupo DayLED 2-Light Kits – Save £150

Whether you’re on location or in a studio environment, these Lupo DayLED kits are the perfect lighting solution. They come with everything you need to light your subjects and produce fantastically lit photographs and video content. Every Lupo kit comes with two continuous lights which are both focusable and have full 100% dimming control. There are two lights to choose from, the Lupo DayLED 650 and Lupo DayLED 1000. Both lights are available in either daylight (fixed 5600k) or variable colour temperature options (3200k – 5600k). Each kit will also be supplied with two sturdy lighting stands, our custom designed Lovegrove ScatterGels, for pattered lighting effects, and a hard-sided wheeled carry case to store your equipment.

By buying a Lupo two light kit you save nearly £150 off the combined price of the individual items. Lupo kits will be shipped within 5 working days from your order date. Choose a kit below for more information.

Dual Colour 1000 + 1000

from £2,219
(£2,662.80 inc. VAT)

Performance combined with the versatility of variable colour temperature.


Dual Colour 1000 + 650

from £1,979
(£2,374.80 inc. VAT)

Flexible and versatile combination suitable for a wide range of situations.


DayLED 1000 + 1000

from £1,979
(£2,374.80 inc. VAT)

Optimum power and performance for when the quantity of light matters most.


DayLED 1000 + 650

from £1,729
(£2,074.80 inc. VAT)

Performance and flexibility for smaller budgets.


Lupo DayLED 1-Light Kits

The perfect Lupo LED starter lighting kit. These kits come with a DayLED or Dual Colour DayLED light, a padded carry bag and a sturdy lightweight lighting stand. Lupo kits will be shipped within 5 working days from your order date. Choose a kit below for more information.

Lupo DayLED 1000 - Single light kit with bag and lighting stand

DayLED 1000 or Dual Colour 1000 + Stand + Bag

from £1017
(£1,220.40 inc. VAT)


Lupo DayLED 650 - Single light kit with bag and lighting stand

DayLED 650 or Dual Colour 650 + Stand + Bag

from £769
(£922.80 inc. VAT)


Extend the flexibility of your Lupo lights with a battery kit

For those wanting to use the lights in remote locations where mains power is not possible we can provide a complete battery kit solution for Lupo DayLED lights. The battery kit for Lupo DayLEDs contains a battery, charger, power lead and adapter plate. The plate is fixed to the upright support (yoke) of your light, the cable connects the plate to the light and the battery slides in and out of the v-mount adapter plate with ease. This makes battery swapping quick and simple.

If you live outside the UK we would recommend you purchase just the battery plate (with power cable) and source a battery and charger locally. High powered lithium-ion batteries cannot be shipped by air due to airline safety restrictions.

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