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Extend the versatility of your Lupo light (with powerCON TRUE1)

All Lupo LED fresnel lights are now available with either 5 metre or 10 metre power leads/cables. These leads give you a significant advantage over the standard 3 metre leads supplied with these units. You can position the light high on a lighting stand and the cable will extend to the floor. This helps to ensure any socket extensions can be placed safety on a flat surface.

Lovegrove Lighting extension leads use inline powerCON TRUE1 locking connectors placed at 150mm from the main lamp unit. Similarly, this avoids any unwanted trailing leads when you are powering the light with a battery and not mains. The inline connectors also allow you to quickly swap between different cable lengths when necessary.

PowerCON TRUE1 locking 16 A true connectors by Neutrik are superb quality and offer a safe power connection with breaking capacity (CBC). For example it can be disconnected or connected under load or live.

Lupo power lead options

Here are the current lead options we have available:

  • 3 metre standard power lead (non-detachable lead supplied with lights)
  • 5 metre detachable powerCON TRUE1 power cable
  • 10 metre detachable powerCON TRUE1 power cable
  • 10 metre powerCON TRUE1 extension cable (powerCON through connectors both ends)
  • 30cm 16A 2p plus Earth plug (Blue Top) to inline powerCON TRUE1 female socket

Take a look at our full range of leads / cables here.

Lupo lighting power leads and extension cables using powerCON True1 connectors

Damien Lovegrove explains how the powerCON TRUE1 locking inline connectors work


Plug options

Our powerCON power leads can be fitted with a choice of three plug types depending on where you live in the world. Choose between:

  • USA 3 pin (plug type B)
  • European 2 pin plus earth (plug type F)
  • or UK 3 pin (plug type G)

Please refer to this chart for identification.

All Lupo DayLED lights are 90-240v, 50hz or 60hz auto sensing units and will work in most countries.

The Lupo DayLED fresnel light range

Lupo DayLED 2000 Daylight balanced fresnel spotlight

Lupo DayLED 2000 (2k location light)

Lupo Dayled 1000 fresnel light

Lupo DayLED 1000 (1k location light)

Lupo Dayled 650 fresnel light

Lupo DayLED 650 (Compact daylight or bi-colour fresnel)

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