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Godox Witstro AD600BM Flash

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(£480.00 incl. VAT)

GODOX AD600BM Portable Flash (600Ws HSS Bowens mount)

The Godox AD600BM is an all-in-one indoor and outdoor flash that’s both powerful and portable with a professional high-capacity lithium battery pack. The AD600BM has both radio and optical transmission capabilities for a more stable and reliable output.

Damien Lovegrove says: The AD600BM is the version to get. The B stands for Bowens mount and is the best designed mount in the industry. The M stands for Manual. You can pay extra and have the TTL version, but TTL lacks consistency when used on flashes off-camera so there really is no point. Just use the manual flash and if you need more light turn it up, if you need less light turn it down. The Godox AD600BM is my flash unit of choice when I need that extra punch out on location

This flash doesn’t come with any reflectors. I suggest getting the Godox AD-R6 7 inch silver reflector which has an umbrella slot that perfectly aligns with the umbrella shaft holder in the handle of the flash unit. A good general purpose reflector and can be used direct or reflected off walls or ceilings. Optional honeycomb grid sets are also available.

The AD600 flash will simplify your lighting process as you can easily achieve correct flash exposure even in complex light-changing environments.

If you would like to purchase the AD600M, AD600B or AD600 instead, please contact us for a quote.

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Godox AD600 – 4 versions to choose from

  • The Godox AD600 has a Godox accessory mount and built-in TTL functionality.
  • The Godox AD600M has a Godox accessory mount without TTL (Manual only).
  • The Godox AD600B has a Bowens accessory mount and built-in TTL functionality.
  • The Godox AD600BM has a Bowens accessory mount without TTL functionality (Manual only).

Godox Witstro AD600BM with built-in Godox 2.4G wireless X system

The Godox AD600BM flash has both optical and 2.4G wireless transmission to offer a super stable output.

High capacity lithium battery pack

The Godox Ad600 flash unit comes with a professional high capacity lithium battery pack (11.1V/8700mAh) which will provide 500 full power flashes and recycle in 0.01 – 2.5 seconds. Both DC and AC are applicable. Change to AC (alternating current module) after the lithium battery pack is detached.

High quality AV display panel

The AD600 has a well designed, bright, crystal clear AV panel for convenient operation. There are 25 steps of power adjustment (1/1 to 1/256), exposure compensation functions, 1/8000s high speed sync, first-curtain sync, second-curtain sync, modeling lamp, manual flash, multi-flash, C.Fn custom functions, etc.

Exquisite Details

  • The AD600 comes with a 10W LED modeling lamp whose brightness can be adjusted in three steps.
  • Easily adjust the direction of your light with the AD600 adjustable handle. Then lock the angle with the large lever arm clamp.


The Godox AD600 (TTL versions) have a wireless X system that is compatible with Fujifilm TTL, Canon E-TTL, Nikon i-TTL and Sony TTL.

As well as using the Godox 2.4G wireless X system to achieve TTL control you can also use Godox flash triggers to control TTL functions and wirelessly adjust the flash’s power levels, sound beep and flash triggering. As a slave unit the Godox AD600 can be used in combination with Godox TTL camera flash, TTL outdoor flash, TTL studio flash etc.

There is also a 3.5mm sync cord jack and wireless control port to achieve multiple triggering methods.

Godox AD600BM Flash Wistro 600Ws

Godox AD600 Wireless X

Godox AD600BM Flash Control Panel LED

Godox AD600 LED Control Panel

Technical Data

 Model  Godox AD200 Pocket Flash Godox AD600 Flash (B/BM)
 Wireless Slave Unit Mode  Radio transmission mode Radio transmission mode and Optical transmission mode
 Flash Mode  Wireless off (M/Multi), Slave unit of radio transmission (TTL/M/Multi) Wireless off (M/Multi), Slave unit of radio transmission (TTL/M/Multi), Slave unit of optical transmission (TTL/M/Multi)
 Compatible Cameras under Radio Transmission (as slave unit)  Nikon cameras supporting i-TTL/M/RPT flash (X1N as master unit)  Nikon cameras supporting i-TTL/M/RPT flash (X1N as master unit)
 Canon EOS cameras supporting E-TTL II/M/RPT flash (X1C as master unit)  Canon EOS cameras supporting E-TTL II/M/RPT flash (X1C as master unit)
 Sony cameras (X1S as master unit) Sony cameras (X1S as master unit)
 Guide No. (1/1 Output)  Speedlite flash head: 52 (m ISO 100, @35mm) 87 (m ISO 100, with AD-R7 standard reflector)
 Bare bulb flash head: 60 (m ISO 100, with the AD-S2 standard reflector, @28mm)
 Flash Duration t0.1 (approx.)  Speedlite flash head: 1/220 to 1/13000 seconds, Bare bulb flash head: 1/220 to 1/11300 seconds 1/220 to 1/10,000 seconds
 Power  200W 600W
 Power Output  8 steps: 1/128~1/1 9 steps: 1/256~1/1
 Stroboscopic Flash  Provided (up to 90 times, 99Hz) Provided (up to 100 times, 100Hz)
Flash Exposure Compensation (FEC)  Manual. FEB: ±3 stops in 1/3 stop increments  Manual. FEB: ±3 stops in 1/3 stop increments
 Sync mode  High-speed sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), first-curtain sync, and second-curtain sync  High-speed sync (up to 1/8000 seconds), first-curtain sync, and second-curtain sync
 Delay Flash  0.01~30 seconds  0.01~30 seconds
 Mask  Yes Yes
 Beeper  Yes Yes
 Modeling Lamp (LED)  Yes Yes
 Optic Slave Flash  S1/S2 S1/S2
 Flash Duration Indication  Yes Yes
 Wireless Flash (2.4G transmission)
 Wireless flash function  Slave, Off Slave, Off
 Controllable slave groups  Radio: 5 (A, B, C, D and E) Radio: 5 (A, B, C, D and E), Optical: 3 (A, B and C)
 Transmission range (approx.)  Radio: 100 metres Radio: 80 metres, Optical indoors: 12-15 metres, Optical outdoors: 8-10 metres
 Channels  Radio: 32 Radio: 32, Optical: 4
 Power Supply
 Power Supply  Lithium battery pack (14.4V / 2900mAh) Lithium battery pack (11.1V / 8700mAh)
 Full Power Flashes  500 500
 Recycle Time (approx.)  0.01-2.1 seconds 0.01-2.5 seconds
 Battery Indicator  Yes Yes
 Power Indication  Power hibernate automatically after approx. 30 minutes of idle operation Power off automatically after approx. 60 minutes of idle operation
 Sync Triggering Mode  3.5mm sync line, Wireless control port  3.5mm sync line, Wireless control port
 Colour Temperature  5600±200K 5600±200K
 Dimensions  168 x 75 x 50mm (flash head not included) 220 x 245 x 125mm (flash tube & reflector not included)
 Net Weight  560g (flash head & battery not included) 2.66kg (flash tube and reflector not included)


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