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Lupo 2000 Battery Kit for DayLED 2000


A complete battery power solution for the Lupo DayLED 2000 fresnel light. Each kit contains two lithium-ion batteries wired in series to produce the correct voltage requirements for the Lupo 2000 light. The battery packs sit in a specially designed padded battery bag that can be attached to the yoke of your Lupo light.

There are two capacity options, either standard 14.8V 6.6Ah 95Wh batteries or high capacity 14.8V 11Ah 160Wh battery packs.

What’s in the battery kit?

  • 6.6Ah standard lithium-ion battery pack (#318) OR 11Ah high capacity lithium-ion battery pack (2x #421)
  • Battery charger (#272)
  • Battery pack bags (#317)
  • 2-Pin D-Tap to 4 pole XLR power cable (#316)


This battery kit is suitable for the Lupo DayLED 2000 light only. Other battery options are available here.

PLEASE NOTE We don’t keep a regular stock of this item, so please expect delivery at least 7 days from purchase. We are also unable to ship lithium-ion batteries outside of the United Kingdom.




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