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Lupo V-Mount Lithium-ion Battery Only (14.8V / 95Wh)

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A high capacity lithium-ion battery suitable for low powered continuous lighting. V-mount (V-lock) battery connection. Suitable for the Lupo DayLED 650, 650 Dual colour, 1000 and 1000 Dual Colour.

Please note: This battery is not suitable for the Lupo SuperPanel or Lupo DayLED 2000.

This product is ideal is you are wanting a spare battery only, as this item is supplied without a battery charger.

Looking for a battery and charger? Take a look here.

We are unable to ship lithium-ion batteries outside of the UK. If you live outside the UK, you may like to purchase an adapter plate for Lupo DayLED or an adapter plate for LupoLED Panels and source the v-mount battery locally.

Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)

Product Description

Lupo V-Mount Lithium-ion Battery 14.8V / 95Wh

This high capacity 14.8 V  / 6.6 Ah /  95 Wh lithium-ion battery is suitable for low powered continuous lighting and has been specifically designed for Lupo LED lighting.

This compact li-ion battery has a V-mount (V-lock) battery connection that simply slides vertically into a battery adapter plate.

Usefully this battery also features a graduated battery level display.


Power output 14.8V / 6.6Ah / 95Wh
Battery connection type  V-mount
Battery level display  Yes

Battery Life

Battery Life Expectancy (Real world tests)
Model Battery life with light at full power
Lupo DayLED 650 5600K 2h 59m
Lupo DayLED 650 Dual Colour 1h 27m
Lupo DayLED 1000 5600K 1h 11m
Lupo DayLED 1000 Dual Colour 1h 20m

Shipping restrictions

Please note, if you live outside the UK, we are unable to send lithium-ion batteries to you by air due to flight restrictions.  If this applies to you, please contact us for an alternative solution.

General Safety Advice

  • Please recharge using a compatible battery charger
  • Do not throw the battery into fires or immerse in water
  • Do not attempt to open the unit
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • This product meets the requirements of the applicable EC directives. CE marking


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