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The Lovegrove Flash Bracket


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The new Lovegrove Flash Bracket – back by popular demand

  • Fits standard 16mm spigot
  • Accessory cold shoe with an insulating plate that is compatible with all makes of flash gun
  • The insulation protects the delicate contacts on the foot of the flash gun avoiding shorts
  • The ball head has a large diameter knurled knob for ease of adjustment

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Spigot adapter: The Lovegrove Flash Brackets fit all lighting stands, boom arms, magic arms and clamps that have a standard universal 16mm spigot. The Spigot adapter on the lovegrove Flash Bracket has been designed for two way orientation. This enables a Spedlight to be rigged in all kinds of positions with either the LCD screen or the IR receiver facing the camera.

Ball head: The anodised aluminium ball head has a large diameter knurled locking knob for secure locking even with gloved hands.

Cold shoe: The top of the Lovegrove Flash Bracket features a precision machined aluminium accessory shoe fitted with an insulating plate that protects the delicate pins of your Speedlight from damage and shorting.This cold shoe is compatible with all makes of Spedlight including the latest Sony units*

Load capacity: The Lovegrove Flash Bracket has a load capacity to ensure all Speedlights can be safely mounted, I suggest not putting more strain on the foot of the Speedlight by adding a soft box without its own mounting plate. The Lovegrove Flash bracket is also suitable for mounting HD video monitors up to about 7″ or 175mm in size.

*Suitable for use with all Sony Speedlights and Sony compatible Speedlights made since 2012. An adapter may be required older flash units dedicated to Sony cameras made before 2012.

There are literally thousands of Lovegrove Flash Brackets in use today 🙂

Additional information

Weight 0.175 kg
Dimensions 110 × 5 × 3 cm


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